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i-Marketing Services

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Let the experienced team at i-Marketing Services be your most powerful business asset.
We specialize in enhancing your company's ability to communicate and connect with prospective clients to build meaningful relationships, elevate your brand, and drive more profitable sales.

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Who We Are

i-Marketing Services, is your on-demand team of marketing experts. We'll simplify the increasingly complex process of growing your buisiness and increasing your profitability in today's ultra-competitive market. We come from a range of backgrounds and industries and offer an unprecedented level of business expertise and consumer insight.

From entrepreneurial start-ups to multi-national corporations, our team of professionals is ready to help you take your company to the next level.

Our Expertise

- Strategic Planning
- Local and National Advertising
- Targeted Online Marketing
- Mobile Marketing Strategies
- Lead Generation
- Brand Management
- Email Strategies
- Website Development
- Subscription Growth
- Customer Acquisition
- Social Media Engagement
- Loyalty and Retention Programs
- Media and Marketing Analytics
- Public Relations
- Agency Coordination

Why You Should Talk To Us

Today we are seeing the conventional lines between sales and marketing blur and twist as consumers become more connected and empowered through information and accessibility. What was once a one-way or "push" channel of marketing and communication has become a fast-paced two-way interaction between individuals and companies.

Now more than ever, your company has to capitalize on its core strengths, take advantage of emerging trends and protect against competitive threats - all while focusing on delivering excellent value and engaging clients more deeply.

If you're ready to begin engaging your client base in more meaningful ways, we're here to help and we're ready to listen.